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LowCal PHP Microframework for PHP 7

LowCal PHP is a microframework meant to help web developers build websites and web applications more quickly, and more efficiently. It is the successor to PzPHP, and takes advantage of new tools that PHP offers. For more information, visit its github page. LowCal PHP powers several e-commerce websites for local and international businesses.

ListMerge A Merging Algorithm for Unordered Lists

The ListMerge algorithm is meant to consolidate a given list of items to as few as possible based on item similarity. Traditional list merging algorithms use established string matching criteria (such as Levenshtein distance). However the ListMerge algorithm takes advantage of both Levenshtein and Ian Oliver string matching algorithms, as well as a custom word matching algorithm. ListMerge can use synonym, and class sets as part of its decision making process, to allow for a more refined and accurate consolidation.

PzPHP Microframework for PHP 5

PzPHP is a lightweight PHP framework built for developers who want to get their project started quickly. PzPHP is performance-centric, and packs a load of features in a small footprint. Its successor, LowCal PHP, uses PHP 7, and comes with many under-the-hood optimizations.

PHPSwarm Swarm Intelligence for PHP Applications

PHPSwarm aims to bring Swarm Intelligence (SI) to the PHP community. The goal of PHPSwarm is to allow developers to instantly allow their applications to become distributed, and with a little work, allow them to share heavy workloads without stressing any one node.

PHPSwarm also allows all nodes to collect data from each other, and learn about their capabilities over time. This learning allows a node to accurately send workloads to the most accessible node in the swarm. PHPSwarm also attempts to provide golden paths to nodes, to speed-up server communication, and assignment.

Loreaon 9,000+ players, 100's of quests, achievements, items, and weapons.

Loreaon was a browser-based PBBG (Persistent Browser-Based Game). It had several layers of complexity, competition, entertainment, and adventure. The front-end design, scripting, back-end programming, logic, database structure, database optimization, and server tweaking, was all accomplished by myself.

Semantig An Algorithm to Understand Intent

Semantig is a product-focused semantic analyzer that understands context and intent of human input. It breaks-down user input word-by-word, and forms a representation of what the user is asking for, based on a complex knowledge base. It can also use external knowledge-bases through bridges to further enhance user input understanding.

The final output of Semantig is meant for search engine use, where the search application simply reads what the user most likely wants, and returns whatever result deemed appropriate.

JF MP3 A Javascript MP3 Player

JF MP3 was a Javascript MP3 player, built over the SoundManager 2 API. You could dynamically load a playlist, and perform most of the basic, and advanced functions of a Flash MP3 player.

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