You Are Your

Web Development

The majority of my career has been in the web development field. I have been a webmaster of many websites, for many companies, including: Kaztex Canada Inc., CPF Dualam Inc., NuMuBu Inc., itCreations Inc., and many others.

I have also been a lead developer on many projects, ranging from the very small (single page, informational websites), to the very large (building social networking websites from scratch, planning for multi-server setups, etc...).

Web Consultation

A large part of my career has been involved in consultation. I often meet with individuals, and companies, and discuss their web strategy, explore possible avenues for hosting, development, marketing, and the like.

I generally take-in all of the information and variables, and form strategies that work best for the particular project, budget, needs, deadlines, and the rest.

Business Management

For 5 years, I co-managed Pezus Web Development Inc. as its CTO. My main roles were to manage the technical aspects of the company, as well as handle all new projects, setup development schedules, interact with clients, and get their feedback on progress.

I have also interviewed potential employees, managed small teams of developers for large projects, as well as met with numerous investors, venture capitalists, CFAs, business consultants, and the like.

Educational Consultation

The later part of my career has also included serving as part of an advisory council for a college. My role over the years was not only to give speeches in web related courses to future graduates, but also to advise board members on current web industry trends.

My expectations have been to provide a clear view of what the industry expects of future designers, and developers. As well as to recommend new courses, or adjustments to existing ones.

Computer Repair And Instruction

My first entry into computing was actually messing around with an old laptop. From that point forward, my daily life has been immersed in technology, from computers, the internet, cell phones, gadgets, and the like. I have been repairing and building computers for over 10 years. I worked as a computer specialist at Best Buy for 2 years. I have built dozens of computers for friends, family, and companies. I have also setup home, and business networks.

For a long time, I have also held private computer lessons for individuals who are just starting to use a computer. So I am experienced in putting together tutorials.