Kevork Aghazarian Web & IT Professional

Experience Programmer, Consultant, Manager, Leader

Chief Technology Officer eQualitie 2019-present / Canada

As the CTO at eQualitie, working with the CEO, my main responsibilities are overseeing remote and local tech teams comprised of Sysops Engineers, Devops Engineers, Software Developers, and Support Agents. I also work with the Machine Learning team, who develops eQualitie's advanced attack detection and mitigation systems.

I manage technology roadmaps, and ensure each team is properly aligned with their technical goals and the goals of the organization as a whole. I meet with potential commercial clients to educate them on eQualitie technology and how it can benefit their businesses and internet connected infrastructure. And I communicate with our existing client base and partners to update them on new technology advances at Deflect that they can now take advantage of.

As part of my hands-on responsibilities, I am able to take part and contribute to most projects the development teams at eQualitie work on. I also help-out the SysOps/DevOps teams when necessary, to ensure smooth operations, and improved overall network performance and stability.

IT Operations Manager Centre Solutions 2018-2020 / Canada

As the IT Operations Manager at Centre Solutions, working with the Head of IT, my main responsibilities were overseeing the IT Support team, as well as the IT infrastructure team. Both teams were responsible for supporting executive internal clients, as well as maintaining and building sensitive IT infrastructure both internally and externally.

Using ITIL methodologies, I helped reshape the IT teams, and redefine internal processes to make them more efficient.

Being responsible for a geodispersed team also introduced different types of challenges; like ensuring clear lines of communication, vision synchronisation, proper task hand-offs, and proper resource management.

Technical Director Azzimov Mobile Inc. 2012-2018 / Canada

As Technical Director at Azzimov, working with the CTO, my main responsibilities involved directly managing the R&D teams, architecting Azzimov's E-commerce Marketplace Platform, deciding which technologies would be used, how they would be implemented, and created product roadmaps for developers, and clients.

I worked closely with Azzimov's AI Engineers, coming up with different adaptive algorithms to further enhance Azzimov's E-commerce Search capabilities. I was also involved in overseeing Azzimov's Web Developers, helping them develop Azzimov's proprietary frameworks, and improving its various front-end applications.

As part of my hands-on technical responsibilities, I was in charge of designing and developing Azzimov's Distributed Data systems, which involved treating tens of millions of products, and billions of data points, over numerous production systems. These systems employed various algorithms to automatically extract important product information, and link like products when enough confidence is achieved.

Advisory Council Member Vanier College 2009-Present / Canada

As an Advisory Council Member at Vanier College, my role is to work with faculty and board members to ensure students are getting the required level of education to be competitive and functional in the work force. This is done through varying exercises, sharing what the current industry expects, as well as what technologies are currently relevant.

I am also called on regularly to give lectures to students on what to expect in the work force and in particular the web industry, what will be expected of them, and how to make sure they can become important parts of businesses they end-up working for.

Interim CTO Private Tech Incubator 2015-2016 / U.S.A.

As Interim CTO, I helped this tech incubator develop its tech evaluation process, to be able to easily and efficiently rule-out funding candidates that did not meet a minimum standard of creativity, uniqueness, utility, and marketability.

I also participated in investor meetings, presenting tech companies as funding prospects, as well as discussing vision and goals with investors.

Technical Consultant itCreations Inc. 2010-2012 / Canada

As a Technical Consultant for itCreations, I helped the company plan and implement its technical needs, which included developing several large-scale web app prototypes, and architecting and building a Social Networking site for the Music Industry (NuMuBu Live).

I also helped manage projects, met with clients, and had discussion with potential investors.

Technical Consultant 360 IT Solutions 2010-2012 / Canada

My job as Technical Consultant for 360 IT Solutions was to help form the company's expansion plans online, as well as manage the company's clients during this expansion process. I produced several local business websites, as well developed an offline and online strategy for several technical services 360 IT Solutions wanted to offer.

CTO, Co-Founder Pezus Web Development Inc. 2005-2011 / Canada

As CTO and Co-Founder of Pezus Web Development, I took part in varying types of work, and had responsibilities both for Pezus' technical concerns, as well as its business concerns.

I regularly met with new and existing clients, helped scope their projects, and provided valuable insight on how their projects should be structured. I also helped develop Pezus' core framework, which was used to power most of its client's web applications. Pezus specialized in E-commerce solution development.

Part of my business responsibilities were to budget for new resources, meet with potential investors and venture capitalists, as well as develop different business and technical processes for the company.

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