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Kevork Aghazarian, Web Programmer and Consultant


I have been in the web development industry for 10 years, designing and developing websites. I have helped build and manage a small web firm as a Project Manager and Lead Developer, as well as developed large-scale websites for various venture capital start-ups.

I know both front-end and back-end programming languages in-depth. I am also experienced with MySQL database management, structuring, and optimization.

I also consult individuals, and companies, on online web marketing, development, coding strategies, database strategies, and performance.

As a secondary skill, I am also experienced in computer hardware, and software troubleshooting, computer, and network security, computer building, setup, and consultation.


This website is built using PHP, MySQL, XHTML, CSS, and Javascript. Pages are loaded through AJAX, however every single page is fully SEO friendly. All pages can (and are) indexed by search engines, because of the way the site is built.

Depending on how the page is requested, either all of the HTML will be displayed, or only the content itself (for AJAX requests). There also is an "Accessibility Mode" for the visually impaired, that turns-off AJAX, and loads pages the traditional way.

The site also implements a History Manager that remembers which pages you visit (via AJAX), so that a full page reload is not required when you hit the back, and forward buttons on your browser. And of course, you can link directly to any generated URL, because the History Manager class will detect it, and perform some magic with it.

Finally, the website has a fallback system when an older browser is detected. So if you are using Internet Explorer 8 or below, Firefox 3.4 and below, Opera 9 and below, and Chrome/Safari 3 and below, you will see a fallback version of this website. Some minor things will change (CSS3 is replaced with standard CSS2.1, and the HistoryManager adjusts accordingly).


Currently working at Azzimov as a Development Team Lead & Data Architect

Experience: 10 years

Education: Vanier College - DEC in Hypermedia

Specialized in: Front-end scripting (XHTML, CSS, JS, etc...), back-end programming (PHP, MySQL, etc...), web consultation, computer repair/construction/instruction

Companies worked with: Azzimov, GenClik, GenPub, Guidyu, Pezus Web Development, CPF Dualam, Kaztex Canada, NuMuBu, itCreations, Entretien Gem, Living Network, 47th Street Group, ConsultPharm, Song For Africa Foundation, Best Buy, Tormont, Kidzup Production, Kiboomu

Full details can be found on my C.V. (PDF).



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